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Mony's brain
Mony's brain
I'm Mony , I like pink and cute stuff and spooky stuff, I do post nsfw I am vegan, I complain a lot I have a boyfriend named Oscar and please don't ask for nudes and yeah ask me questions of you want to know more
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I love her


Honestly thou I have the best gf in the world bat-drowning-in-pink

I’m jealous I want a girlfriend like that, but dawwww love youre too sweet ♥


Omg this scene cracks me up so much…haha.

[My review] of The Other Woman (2014).

Movie blog  xx

Carly (Cameron Diaz), The Other Woman movie (via hugged)

Well, it’s gonna suck for a little while, you know. But then it’s gonna suck a little less and then one day, that ring is just gonna be a ring. You’re gonna take it off, and it’s just gonna be something that you used to wear.


"When you say the awful thing so that the awful thing doesn’t happen."

lol, The Other Woman is a good movie.

Mom dad Omg they ruin movies all the time they skip big parts of the movie cause someone makes out about to have sex but nothing is shown just cause I’m watching with them mom dad I can handle it they are just making out I kinda do that

I love the movie the other woman oh gosh

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